Innovative simulated organ for surgical training
VTT(Versatile Training Tissue)

1Compatible with energy devices such as
strong enough to be
sutured or ligated.

2It can be in any color or shape.
For example, it can reproduce
the form of tumors and blood vessels.

3Hygienic and available for use in the hospital.
Vacuum packed and stored at room temperature
for long periods.

"VTT (Versatile Training Tissue), developed by KOTOBUKI Medical over the past four years, is an innovative medical training organ made of edible ingredients such as Konjac potato powder.
The simulated training organs already on the market are often made of silicone or plastic, and medical training with energy devices has not been possible because they melt at high temperatures and friction.
In this respect, VTT has a tactile feel, strength, and elasticity similar to human tissues, and can withstand high temperatures.

By changing the composition and manufacturing conditions, we can freely control the strength, hardness, elasticity, and color of VTT. We also can control the shape unlimitedly by using the resin mold made by a 3D printer. We accept OEM products, and we can match your any needs.

Since it can be stored at room temperature and for long periods, you can train at any time regardless of place and occasion. Although it's on an experimental basis, it's been successfully stored for more than a year after the production."

Representative VTT

Plain type
(for residents and medical students)
Plain type (for residents and medical students)
Tumor-in type
Tumor-in type
Vessel-in type
Vessel-in type
Mucosa model for digestive endoscopy: under development
Mucosa model for digestive endoscopy: under development
Bowel model: under development
Bowel model: under development
Heart model: under development
Heart model: under development

Versatile Training Tissue
Sustainable Value Chain

VTT is not a petroleum product as it is manufactured using edible plant-based materials.
It eliminates the usage of animal organs for training, thus reducing medical waste and allowing for easy disposal.

The reason why we need VTT(Versatile Training Tissue)

With the increase in life expectancy and the advancement of medical equipment, the surgeries required are becoming more sophisticated and complex every day. While minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopic surgery have the great advantage of being less burdensome on the patient's body, because they cannot operate it with the naked eye like open abdominal surgery, more advanced techniques, and much experience are essential. We aim to improve the training environment for medical professionals and to improve the QOL of both parties of medical staff performing surgery and patients undergoing surgery.

"G-Master" is a product that effectively teaches the sequence of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) in a very close to clinical practice.

"G-Master," which can accurately and flexibly reproduce specific gastric cancer sites, is set with a plant-based mucosal model of Versatile Training Tissue (VTT) for surgical training.

In addition to individual training, it is possible to learn from the trainer's technique and give feedback on the trainee's technique. Furthermore, the endoscopic movement can be checked from multiple angles and in detail from the outside, making interactive training possible.

Training Box (Dry Box)


Training Tissue (Pad) and accessories