We’ll be on NHK WORLD “BIZ STREAM”, an economic program broadcasted by NHK for overseas viewers



KOTOBUKI Medical will be introduced in NHK WORLD “BIZ STREAM” (, an economic program broadcasted by NHK for overseas viewers, on Saturday, May 15 from 23:10. The program is titled “Adapting for Survival,” We were interviewed as one of the companies that have made great strides in business performance through business transformation. 


Real-time transmission on NHK WORLD website
Saturday, May 15, 23:10 – 23:40
Sunday, May 16 5:10 – 5:40, 12:10 – 12:40
Wednesday, May 19, 4:00 – 4:30


NHKWORLD is broadcasted in 150 countries worldwide, so the same program is broadcasted four or five times every six hours, taking into account time differences around the world.


The Videos will be available on the website for a certain period starting the week after the broadcast. (Viewing page for the latest episode) (page for watching past episodes)