Exhibited at IMSH 2023 (’23 January 22nd~24th)


This January, we had the exciting opportunity to exhibit at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare, or IMSH. Some of our members have attended IMSH sessions in the past, but this was our first time exhibiting and our second official international exhibition.
The lead-up to IMSH was a bumpy one. Initially, we had planned for three English-speaking members to work at the booth. Unfortunately, our senior staff member came down with the flu and our advisor was caught up in flight delays. This gave CEO Seiichiro Takayama a chance to step up and pull brush off his English skills. Of course, these were immediately put to the test when our luggage got delayed at customs and he had to go through immigration alone. Happily, everyone made it to Florida in one piece.
Once at the venue, everything went wonderfully. IMSH is the largest meeting for the healthcare simulation industry, and the opportunity to see so much innovation and growth post-pandemic gave us a renewed sense of purpose and vision. We had the chance to get up close and personal with simulation makers who have served as inspirations for our own work and learned more about the positive impact simulation-based training has on the medical community.
Despite some initial bumps in the road, IMSH was an incredible experience for us. We aren’t sure yet if we’ll be exhibiting in 2024, but either way, we are certain to attend. If anyone else is planning to be there, we hope to see you around!