Our research paper on VTT’s surgical smoke is accepted by Simulation in Healthcare, the USA’s academic journal.


One of the essential product features of VTT, a simulated organ made of Konjac potato, is that it can be used with energy devices such as electrocautery and ultrasound. We have been conducting research and writing a paper on the composition and safety of surgical smoke generated when VTTs are incised with energy devices, etc., in cooperation with an external research institute to allow users to train with greater peace of mind.


We are pleased to announce that our paper has been successfully accepted. The paper will be published in the American academic journal “Simulation in Healthcare” shortly, although the time frame is yet to be determined. We will send you more information as soon as the publication link is available.


Title of the paper: Chemical components of smoke produced from Versatile Training TissueTM models using electrocautery

Journal to be published: Simulation in Healthcare