We are featured on Podcast program, “RESET Mindset”


Our CEO Seiichiro TAKAYAMA and IR communication officer Ami KANO participated as guests in RESET Mindset, a podcast program hosted by Dr. Victoria Woo, a professor at Stanford University, and Ms. Nao Sudo, a leading impact investing expert in Houston!


You can listen to it on Spotify, Google Podcast, and Apple podcast at the following URL.
RESET Mindset – Responsible Enterprises for Social and Environmental Transformation


RESET Mindset is an interview program that invites guests from various fields to talk about companies and business models doing social impact activities to build a sustainable future.


Ms. Sudo interviewed us about how a small subcontractor boldly pivoted its business, the usefulness of VTT, the society he wants to achieve through VTT, and his corporate stance to turn shareholders into fans by maintaining transparency and distributing IR information every month without hiding negative information. Ms. Sudo said, “It is scarce and extraordinary that a small company is so proactive in opening up about its business status.”


We were pleased to hear that both Prof. Vic and Ms. Sudo were very impressed about the usefulness of VTT, its low environmental impact, drastic business transformation, and building relationships with shareholders.


We will continue to take opportunities like this to promote VTT overseas actively to “KOTOBUKI (means celebrate a long life in Japanese)” the world.