The G-Master’s Colon Conversion Kit Featured in an ESD Research Paper


Dr. Tomohiro Mitsui of the National Cancer Center Hospital East’s Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Department recently published a research paper titled “Development of a novel colorectal endoscopic submucosal dissection training model.” This paper features the G-Master’s colorectal ESD add-on, the Colon Conversion Kit.
In his paper, Dr. Mitsui details the efficiency and fidelity of the Colon Conversion Kit as a colorectal ESD simulator. The Colon Conversion Kit is an add-on to the gastric ESD simulation G-Master training system. It enables users to practice colorectal ESD methods that include moving the patient’s body to work with gravity, working with changes in air volume, and moving the scope in a retroflexed field of view.
Dr. Mitsui’s paper is available in its original English text, so we hope you can find it useful. KOTOBUKI Medical’s CEO, Mr. Seiichiro Takayama, also helped participate in this study as a co-author.
Read the full text here: