Announcing Our New Corporate Logo


Introducing a new logo with a solid brand identity.
KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. is pleased to announce that we are rebranding and changing our corporate logo. Below is the translated text of our official press release on the subject, which can be found here: PR Times コーポレートロゴ刷新のお知らせ【KOTOBUKI Medical株式会社】
KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. (located in Yashio, Saitama, Japan, and founded by CEO Seiichiro Takayama) announces that it will renew its corporate logo as of October 2, 2023. The company manufactures plant-based surgical training phantoms and other medical education models.
KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. is now in its sixth fiscal year since its establishment on November 1, 2018. The company decided to revamp its corporate logo to a design that better embodies the values behind KOTOBUKI Medical’s services and products. The main goal of this change is to accelerate local and global recognition of KOTOBUKI Medical’s flagship product, VTT (Versatile Training Tissue), a plant-based tissue phantom.
About the new logo:

The new logo design represents a VTT model being incised by a scalpel. In addition, the corporate logotype was changed for a font with better visibility.
KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. chose VTT as its corporate logo out of confidence in the unique training advantages VTT has to offer medical professionals around the world. VTT products reduce the need for plastic models or animal models and increase chances for realistic training. KOTOBUKI Medical hopes that this branding change will help raise awareness of VTT in the international space.
About the corporate color:

KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. chose pink to represent the color of human organs, as this highlights KOTOBUKI’s corporate mission to increase opportunities for realistic surgical training. This color has also been a focal point of the company’s identity.
Rebranding timeline and process:
KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. will begin a sequential integration of the new logo starting Monday, October 2, 2023. However, it will be some time before the new design is fully integrated. Please be aware that models or media containing the old logo may come up occasionally.
About VTT:

VTT (Versatile Training Tissue) is a plant-based simulated organ designed for high-fidelity surgical training. Due to its organic ingredients, VTT closely resembles human tissue and is compatible with a wide array of traditional and energy-based medical tools. Each model brings the realism of wet lab practice to the ease and flexibility of a dry lab experience.
KOTOBUKI Medical’s vision is to use VTT to improve surgical outcomes around the world by providing medical professionals with easier access to realistic surgical training.
About KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc.

KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. actively strives to “create a future in which everyone can face surgery with relief.” The company entered the medical education market when it started manufacturing laparoscopic dry boxes. Now, KOTOBUKI Medical, Inc. manufactures laparoscopic training boxes, kits, and develops innovative new training models like VTT for the international market.